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An opera singer singer, an orchestra pit, and a theatre seats.

What is Artist.Center?

A New Way to
Network & Audition

What if you could combine a social platform with an audition platform? With Artist.Center your profile acts as the application materials and portfolio for a company to contact you.

  • Choose your account type and customize your profile
  • Connect with fellow singers & colleagues
  • View auditions and applications right from your profile
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An opera singer's profile page in the Artist.Center app.

A Powerful Audition Tool

Audition Planning

With Artist.Center, your audition process is streamlined. Connect with artists, arrange audition dates, send/receive messages and view notifications all from your company profile account.

  • Choose your account type, and customize your profile
  • Connect with fellow companies, singers & colleagues
  • View auditions and applications right from your profile
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An 'Audition Planner' screen in the Artist.Center app showing a singer's upcoming auditions.

Efficiency & Experience

A Look at the

It is more important than ever to have a digital presence online for both marketing and promotional materials. Ease of access is crucial to save time and money with audition applications and arranging. With Artist.Center, we streamline your experience, providing a strong social media presence as well as comprehensive audition tool.

  • Audition board with direct application
  • Upload media files for CV and embed audio and video Links
  • Save time and money by arranging all your auditions on one platform
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  • $6,500 in annual audition expenses

  • 5,200 opportunities posted in 2017

  • 700 hours spent preparing for auditions

  • 93% of artists rely on social media and websites for promotion

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Opportunity. Connect. Go.

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